Fabricated Strainers (Y)

Fabricated Strainers


A “Y” strainer is put in a section of pipe to filter out contaminants and debris from a fluid process. “Y” strainers can connect to the piping in numerous ways such as bolted flanges, threaded piping, and occasionally welding.

They will have an access point above the piping with a perforated metal basket that can be removed and cleaned or replaced.

These strainers can either be straight-through or angled flow. These strainers will have a smaller basket area than a Vertical Inline Strainer, but more than a Tee Strainer – so these can used for process areas with moderate amounts of contamination.

Hendrix Fabrication’s “Y” strainers can be fabricated and rated from 150# to 2,500# ANSI in a wide range of materials like Carbon Steel and different grades of Stainless Steel with sizes ranging from 2” up to 72”.

Fabricated Strainers

In-House Auto CAD capabilities drawing within 2 to 3 days


Is Hendrix Fabrication ISO certified?

No, we are currently not ISO certified. However, we are an ASME certified shop with a current “U” stamp for construction and a certificate from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Can you provide a Certificate of Compliance?

Yes, as well as mill test reports. You can download your Mill Test Reports in the MTR Database. If you do not currently have access to our MTR Database, contact us to receive access.

Can I order these pieces in a different thickness than available in the catalog?


What surface finishes are available?

125 AARH to 500 AARH, Mill Finish, RTJ or high pressure blinds.

What kind of welding can Hendrix Fabrication perform?

Our skilled staff is able to perform GTAW, FCAW, and SMAW welding as well as ASME B31.3, B31.3, B31.4 AND B31.8.

Is Hendrix Fabrication ASME certified?

Yes, we currently hold ASME SECTION VIII DIV. 1 WITH "U" STAMP certification.

Does Hendrix Fabrication accept credit card payments?

Yes, we accept Mastercard and visa credit card payments. Our standard terms are 2% Net 10 / Net 30 days.

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